About Us


A Professional Garment Accessory Solution Provider 

Ningbo Mingking Textile Co.Ltd  is a professional garment accessory solution provider. We provide a large variety of products, including threads, zippers, tapes, laces, buttons, trimmings, linings, fabrics, sewing materials and so on.

Our Vision

Mkingtex vision is to be the world’s No. 1 garment accessory solution provider, creating sustainable solutions essential to a more efficient production process of the garment industry.

Today we’re using innovation and collaboration to tackle some of the worlds’ biggest challenges driven by population growth. We are putting our vision into action by making a difference in environment protection.

Our Commitment

We conduct our business affairs to the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws. We work diligently to be a respected corporate citizen worldwide.

We deal with our customers and suppliers with a clear conscience. We never cheat.

Our Slogan


We foster an environment in which every employee is treated with respect and dignity, and is recognized for his or her contribution to our business.

Find Us

You can visit our website www.mkingtex.com . In order to serve our customers efficiently, we make advertisement campaigns on several famous internet platforms, such as Alibaba, Globalsource, Google, Yahoo and so on.